Short FilmJeroen Houben


Short FilmJeroen Houben

Somewhere in a car graveyard, a family wakes up in their wrecked car. Learning they've been killed in a car crash, the estranged family members take the opportunity to come clean with each other.

Best Screenplay - Shortcutz Awards 2014
UPC Fiction Award - Netherlands Film Festival 2013
Best Acting Ensemble - Filmapalooza, Los Angeles 2013
Best Film (and 5 other wins) - 48 Hour Film Project Rotterdam 2012

Written and directed by: Jeroen Houben | DOP: Nanko Goeting | Editor: Wouter van Luijn | Music: Jeroen Houben
Cast: John Buijsman | Joke Bruijs | Nasrdin Dchar

The bickering in an eerie setting illustrates that peace is not for Dutch families — not even after death.
— De Filmkrant

VIDEO:  The Making of Sorry